the new realm of tactility with the 'light-colour' entity and the smooth materiality

After seeing 'light-colour' for a long time, we just begin full-scale investigation for the new realm of tactility with the smooth materiality.
David Katz writes, メWhat has been touched is the true reality that leads to perception. [Emphasis in original] (Katz, 1989, p.240)
We re-train our body with the smooth materiality in order to touch and generate new reality of 'light-colour'.
Before, we touch something physical in order to feel the weight (in the flow of cause and effect).
Now, we touch something smooth in order to give the weight to the 'light-colour' entity (for making its smoothness in the information flow).
This demand us to believe our bodyユs weight and density in the 'light-colour' world.
And this belief creates new diverse bodily sensations in ヤDisplay Actsユ.




ÉKRITS連載_GUIが折り重ねる「イメージの操作/シンボルの生成」 - インターフェイスを読む #3





GUI に生じる、緩やかではあるが途切れることのないイメージの相互関係


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