shape is vanished in the electric light

It is a very strange situation. When dark, we can't see anything, but the electric display does not matter because it radiates the light.

In the dark room, we can not see anything. But the image made of the electric light, which is the electric display, is vivid for us to see.

Not there. Be there. We can believe 'not there'. We can believe the color without the shape in the electric light. It changes everything.

We have not been able to touch the color until now. Now, we can touch it. Maybe, it is virtual. But we can believe it.

The shape vanishes. It means that the material vanishes. There is no material in the electric light. There is only the color.

We should re-consider the relationship between the color and the shape in the electric light. The color achieves autonomy.

Electric light merges figure and ground, light color, contour, no contour, color and shape; A shape vanishes in the electric light.









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